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Managing Summer Vacation after Separation & Divorce

By Kids in the Middle

You’re past the stressful stages of divorce, vacation plans are in the works, and you’re ready to enjoy some downtime with the kids. The only glitch is how you’ll work everything out with your co-parent. The following tips can help make your vacation planning a lot easier.

Plan Ahead. In many situations, each parent should get a chunk of uninterrupted vacation time with the child. It’s essential that you coordinate with each other and not make any firm reservations until you’ve cleared the dates with the other parent.

Be Sensitive to Important Dates. When planning a trip try to take special events into account. For example, planning your vacation over Father’s Day weekend or the other parent’s birthday may not be ideal. Also, arranging a trip that falls during your child’s baseball playoffs is not a good choice. Although, some compromises will have to be made especially if you are limited as to when you can go on vacation.

Stay In Touch. For young children, make arrangements for phone calls or video messaging if internet access is available. Also, consider having your children send a postcard to the other parent or even bring home a small souvenir.

Share Itineraries. It is a good idea to share travel plans with each other. This helps the other parent feel more connected.

Maximize Your Time. Use your family vacation time for activities your child will enjoy and make the most of it.

Even though post-divorce vacation planning may require you to coordinate certain things with your co-parent, it will be worth in the long run as far as your children are concerned.

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