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Leslie Garske, CDFA™

Garske Mediation & Divorce Financial Analysis


Leslie Garske
4 West Dry Creek Road, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 801
(720) 336-9979


Clarity. Integrity. Grace.  Leslie has assisted dozens of couples untangle their assets with the least amount of conflict, contention and cost.   As a mother of four and the first in her friend group to go through a divorce as a young mother, she understands the ups and downs that divorcing families navigate every day.  Her financial background not only will shed light on what to do with the house but will also prepare you with a forward-looking budget so you can afford your new life.  If you are close to retirement, she can assess what you need from a settlement scenario in order to live comfortably.  Being a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Leslie is equipped to do the number crunching for you so you can make informed decisions.

Leslie Garske has built an abundant practice out of serving people, men and women, who are facing divorce.  From education and awareness to long-range planning for secure financial futures, Leslie has led many clients through the anxiety and complexity of divorce.  She has been married to her husband, Craig, since 1994, and has four children, Erin, Garrett, Jackson and Leah.  She enjoys watching her flower garden bloom in the summer, taking a run, vacationing in Cabo, and planning fun events for her family and friends and drinking good wine, does boxed wine count?


Jessica Kallweit


Garske Mediation & Divorce Financial Analysis


Jessica Kallweit
4 West Dry Creek Road, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 80120
(720) 336-9979


Understanding. Attentive. Insightful. Jessica is excited to be a part of a team of like-minded professionals all with the goal of helping individuals journey through


Having entered the legal industry as a family law paralegal, Jessica spent over seven years on the contentious side of the divorce process. Witnessing too much emotional and financial waste, Jessica developed a passion for conflict resolution as it relates to divorce. Possessing both a coaching certificate and mediation certificate, allows Jessica to address both the conflict and emotional aspects of divorce. Her Certified Divorce Financial Analyst makes her an expert in the financial side of divorce. She also works as a mediator at the El Paso District Attorney Office, mediating minor criminal matters. Working in the field of mediation allows her to help people directly and feel good about the service she's providing her community. Jessica spends her time with her husband and blended family of 7 traveling, gardening, doing yoga, and recording podcasts on the life of a modern American female.

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Chris R. Basler


Basler Family Law, PLLC
8100 E. Maplewood Avenue, Suite 230
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(720) 577-5277

Chris R. Basler is a successful and persuasive negotiator and litigator who offers both bundled and unbundled services. He is a compassionate and empathetic attorney who believes that open communication, vigorous preparation and a reasonable position are the keys to a positive and desired resolution. Additionally, Mr. Basler understands that a domestic relations client is living through one of most emotionally challenging periods of their entire life. Mr. Basler’s goal is to help his clients navigate through these difficult and confusing times as well as help them move forward with their lives in a healthy and positive way.


Laura Kendrick

President and Managing Attorney at Law

Kendrick Family Legal Solutions, LLC
1600 Broadway, Suite 1600
Denver, CO 80202

(720) 759-4700


Laura E. Kendrick is a Family Law Attorney. Laura received her undergraduate degree in Behavioral Psychology from Western Michigan University and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver. Laura is originally from Michigan, and is the 8th generation of attorneys in her family. Laura has been practicing exclusively in domestic relations since 2012. When she's not practicing law, she's probably watching, reading, or otherwise obsessing over Michigan football.


Damon L. Chavez


ReMax Professionals Colorado House Finders Real Estate Team

(303) 748-8009 


Damon L. Chavez is a Real Estate professional with 20-years of experience in the Denver Market. Damon specializes in divorce as a Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist, helping families sell and purchase homes during one of the most trying times in their lives.

After working with many couples and individuals, he understands the strain divorce has on a family and alleviates the stress of selling their home when it is most needed. Damon is a Certified Residential Appraiser, a Consumer-Certified Real Estate Consultant, a Certified Negotiation Expert and a Level I & II Trained Collaborative Divorce Professional, enabling him to become a leader in his field. Damon is often retained by other Realtors as a pricing consultant for complex Real Estate transactions requiring his level of expertise.


Brian Burke


Kenna Real Estate

(303) 710-2609

My Clients always come first! I am a Licensed REALTOR® and real estate Broker with over two decades of residential real estate experience in the Denver Metro market. Helping hundereds of home buyers and sellers with experience in every type of transaction and trained in every part of the industry from appraisal to mortgage to REALTOR®, I am an expert in my field. As a highly recognized pricing specialist, I am able to navigate even the most unusual transactions to find the best solutions to benefit my clients.Consider me as your Real Estate advisor the next time you, a loved one, or a friend needs Real Estate help. You should always choose an agent who best suits your needs, even if the person isn’t me.

You may not be aware I have been a licensed REALTOR® since 2002 and have spent my time in the industry becoming an expert in all facets of Residential Real Estate and Construction. 
In addition, I created my own Real Estate brokerage firm to provide 360-degree Real Estate services from the initial acquisition of a client’s first Real Estate asset to the disposition of their Real Estate portfolio.
I am determined to provide the best service possible to exceed my clients’ expectations with any Real Estate sale or purchase. Once a client’s transaction is complete, I will continue to serve them as their lifelong REALTOR®. If you, your family or friends choose me as their Real Estate agent, I commit I will be the best agent with whom they have ever worked with in the Real Estate industry!


Tiffany Hughes CDLP, CVLS, DMS

Senior Loan Officer
Athena Mortgage Group "Powered by MAC5 Mortgage Inc." 


NMLS# 197552  | COMLO# 100009406  | Company NMLS# 199325

Tiffany Hughes has been in the mortgage industry for more than 20 years and in the last 5 years, has focused, heavily, on clients going through or contemplating divorce.  She acquired her "Certified Divorce Lending Professional" designation because she feels she can make the most impact by helping her clients get settled into a new life without regret or major financial headaches.

Tiffany has a wealth of knowledge and experience that stands out in the industry as well as compassion and patience for the most difficult situations.  As a member of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers for 4 years, she earned the "Broker of the Year" and "President's Award" for her dedication and commitment to her clients and the industry as a whole.

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys running, downhill skiing, working out and cooking dinner at home with her family.

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Wanda Norge, CMA, CDLP

Mortgage Consultant & Certified Divorce Lending Professional

Loan Zone Mortgage, LLC
(303) 419-6568

Loan Zone Mortgage, LLC (NMLS: 1870102),  (NMLS: 280102)


Wanda has been a Certified Divorce Lending Professional (CDLP) since 2014 when the designation was first offered. She has over 19 years experience in the mortgage industry. She previously worked for AT&T/Lucent as a project manager for 20 years before switching careers, so she understands the stress of making big changes in your life.

Wanda got into the world of lending to help people better understand and get the right loan for their situation. She loves working with her clients. Each person has their own unique situation so it is a different scenario everyday. She feels that a mortgage is a great financial tool and can be used to achieve a family's short or long term financial goals. That includes people going through a divorce. There can be an immediate need for a purchase or buy-out, but also the longer-term plans that need to be considered before a separation or decree are finalized.


Tara Eisenhard

Divorce Coach, Mediator

Author of "The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes"


Tara Eisenhard helps conscious, compassionate divorcees transform conflict and confusion into clarity, confidence, and control so they can create a life they love. She’s a child of divorced parents, an ex-wife, a “next” wife, and the previous partner of a divorced dad. Personal experience taught her that divorce is about evolution, not dissolution. Tara works as an author, coach, and educator with a passion for healthy and happy divorces. She provides personalized private coaching as well as online courses and community events. Tara is the author of the book The D-Word: Divorce Through a Child’s Eyes and the blog, Relative Evolutions. She’s been interviewed for various radio and TV programs, and her writing has been featured by The Huffington Post,, Family Affaires, DivorceForce, Stepmom Magazine, and

Sue Horwitz, CPC, ELI-MP

Life Transitions & Divorce Coach

Sue Horwitz Coaching

iPecCoaching, PCC, ELI-MP, Cor.E Transition Specialist CDC® Divorce & Recovery Coach


I am a veteran solo entrepreneur. I knew it was time to make a career change a few years ago, but I needed to prepare. I wanted to know whether or not I could make money doing something new. I sought coaching to help me connect to a new purpose, deal with my limiting beliefs, and visualize a different future. I became an ICF-credentialed coach in the process.

I planned to transition a very lucrative 16-year-old publishing business into the coaching business of my dreams. As I moved forward with my plans, my husband ended our 27-year marriage.

Divorce upends everything familiar. And, depending on age, considerations are different. I'm sensitive to unique situations and work with my clients to limit stress and expense so they can focus on a life-affirming future.



"Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life" – Golda Meir.


Christine Garcia, MA, LPC, ACS

Amber Buczkowski, MSW, LCSW

(720) 662-7862 |

Centennial, CO

Castle Rock, CO

We, the Co-Owners of Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC, have a vision of serving those who have been hurt by various forms of abuse and trauma. We see intervention with children as making the biggest impact toward disrupting patterns of abuse that lead to chronic pain and suffering. We know that parents/caregivers have the greatest influence over the lives of the children in their care and not only do they deserve to heal too, but their healing impacts the child's healing. Our hope for every child, teen, parent, young adult, and family that we serve at Children's Wellness Center of Colorado, PLLC, is that they will become who they were meant to be when relieved of pain caused by trauma.

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Wendy Vogel

Client Relationship Manager

Garske Mediation & Divorce Financial Analysis


4 West Dry Creek Road, Suite 100
Littleton, CO 80120

Dedicated, Loyal, Compassionate.  Wendy is an essential part of Garske Divorce Mediation as Client Relationship Manager.  She is an excellent listener, committed communicator, and a valuable team player as she supports our clients as they navigate the mediation process. She relishes the opportunity to walk alongside our clients during this difficult and challenging time.  Wendy’s education in Psychology and Counseling as well as her experience in the mental health field strengthen her understanding of what it’s like to experience trauma and the anxiety a life change like divorce brings.   She is faithfully committed to each person we serve and is always there in real time to respond to questions and concerns that arise.  She and her husband, Marty, have been married since 1996 and have 2 grown children, Ben and Lauren. In her free time, Wendy likes to knit, sew, and maintain a long-arm quilting business.

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