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Divorce Preview


90 minutes


  • Get clarity on post-divorce life with expert financial analysis.

  • Discover whether you require legal counsel for your divorce journey.

  • Learn how to approach the conversation with your spouse with confidence and sensitivity

Afraid to utter the 'D-Word' for fear of the unknown? You're not alone. Discover the power of foresight with our Divorce Preview.

Many of our clients grapple with the financial and emotional implications of divorce. Our certified divorce financial analysts (CDFAs) offer a confidential preview of your potential post-divorce life, shedding light on financial scenarios, living arrangements, asset division, and more.

From projecting future financial landscapes to understanding the marital estate and tax implications, we provide clarity amidst uncertainty. Worried about breaking the news to your spouse or whether you need an attorney? Our experienced team guides you through every step, offering insights, options, and compassionate support.

Start taking control of your future with our Divorce Preview – where we empower you to make informed decisions and embrace new beginnings.

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