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Mediation Session - Leslie Garske

Current Client Pricing

2 Hours


Experience the power of progress and resolution with our dedicated 2-hour mediation session tailored specifically for existing clients. This session is designed to build upon previous discussions, address ongoing concerns, and move towards mutually beneficial agreements.

Here's what you can expect:

- Review and reassessment of previous agreements and discussions
- Deep dive into unresolved issues or new developments
- Facilitated discussions to explore alternative solutions and compromises
- Guidance on navigating emotions and maintaining open communication
- Development of concrete action steps to move forward
- Opportunity for both parties to express their needs and concerns in a supportive environment
- Continued commitment to fairness, transparency, and collaboration
- Flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy lifestyle

With our expertise and personalized approach, we're here to guide you towards a positive resolution and a brighter future. Schedule your 2-hour mediation session today and take the next step towards peace and closure.
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