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Join us for a personalized one-on-one lunch discussion, where you can choose from three insightful topics tailored to deepen your understanding of divorce mediation:

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Gain a comprehensive overview of the divorce mediation process and its potential benefits for your clients. Explore how mediation differs from traditional litigation, and learn how it can empower clients to navigate divorce with clarity and confidence.




Our Unique Process: Discover the distinctive approach of our mediation practice and how it can support your clients' needs. Learn about our personalized, client-centered approach to mediation, and explore how we tailor our process to meet the unique circumstances of each individuaL couple.



Explore strategies for managing high-conflict divorce cases, particularly those involving clients with attorneys. Learn how mediation can offer an alternative approach to resolving disputes and minimizing conflict, even in the most challenging situations.

Therapist Lunch & Learn

Join us for a personalized lunch discussion tailored for therapists. We'll delve into the world of divorce mediation together over a friendly meal, exploring how it can empower your clients and enhance your practice.

What Our Therapists Say

Therapy Closeup
Therapy Closeup

Therapist, Littleton CO

"Divorce mediation has been transformative for my clients. It offers them a collaborative space to navigate complex emotions and decisions, empowering them to find amicable resolutions and move forward with clarity and confidence."

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