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Welcome to Garske Mediation's FAQ page, a resource for navigating the complexities of divorce, from contemplation to post-divorce adjustments. Here, you'll find answers to common questions, guidance on financial considerations, mental and emotional support resources, and more to empower you on your divorce journey.

  • A unique process that saves time and money
    Uses our unique process and experience to save time and money for our Clients
  • Effective Communication Facilitation
    Facilitates the communication between the parties, making sure that both parties have equal time to share and vocalize priorities Uses questions to ensure clear communication and understanding between both parties Identifies alternatives for solving issues, including additional third party support and experts when appropriate and beneficial Is familiar with more sensitive cases, like late in life divorces and families with special needs dependents
  • Education & Preparation
    Provides information about the divorce process Describes how issues could be viewed in a legal setting Understands the need for financial security and strives to assist our clients to set themselves up for financial success post divorce. Ensures that every person is entitled to legal and tax advice and encourages our clients to consult with family law attorneys and tax accountants on all issues pertaining to their case Specializes in the tax and financial consequences pertaining to your divorce settlement by ensuring that all of our mediators and case managers are Certified Divorce Financial Analysts ® (CDFAs) Educates parties on the financial consequences today, tomorrow and into the future of each scenario to ensure they are completely informed before they agree to any settlement
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