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6 Ways to Apply Decluttering Principles to Your Finances

Getting your home to look like your minimalist vision of a cozy retreat is a simple (but not easy) process that anyone can understand. Decluttering your home is about identifying what physical objects are unnecessary. It may be tough to make

decisions about each item, but you usually know what you need to do.

But when it comes to making your money life resemble your stress-free financial vision, the process to get there is harder to understand, much less follow. When it comes to physical decluttering, you can’t help but notice the unused treadmill in your bedroom if you stub your toe on it twice a day. Cluttered money choices, however, are much less visible.

The good news is the same strategies that can help an overwhelmed newbie minimalist declutter can also help a financially struggling minimalist get a better handle on her money. Many of the same principles apply.

Click Here for some decluttering strategies that can double as tips for money management:


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