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Navigating Divorce with Kindness: The Unique Approach of Our Divorce Mediation Process

divorce mediation process

In the challenging journey of divorce, choosing the right path can make all the difference. At Garske Divorce Mediation, we pride ourselves on providing a kinder and gentler option for amicable couples seeking a harmonious separation. Our process, involving 3-5 scheduled meetings, stands out for its efficiency, comprehensiveness, and the empowering experience it offers.

Efficient, Comprehensive Meetings:

Our mediation process is designed to be both efficient and comprehensive, tailored to the unique needs of each couple. While the number of meetings may vary based on complexity, we ensure that each session is a step towards resolution. No endless legal battles, no draining court appearances—just focused, productive meetings that address all aspects of your #divorce.

Empowering, Not Exhausting:

We understand that divorce can be emotionally draining, and we are committed to providing meetings that leave you empowered, not exhausted. Our skilled mediators create a supportive environment where open communication is encouraged. By fostering understanding and collaboration, we strive to turn this challenging time into an opportunity for growth and positive change.

Meetings Every 2 Weeks:

Unlike traditional divorce proceedings that may feel rushed, our mediation process follows a comfortable bi-weekly meeting schedule. This allows you the space to breathe, reflect, and make decisions without feeling pressured. We recognize the importance of giving you the time needed to ponder important choices, ensuring that each decision is well-considered and aligned with your vision for the future.

Addressing Key Concerns:

Our #mediation process covers crucial areas such as Assets & Debts, Income & Expenses, Parenting Plan, and Finalization. Whether you're wondering about keeping the house, dividing retirement, or determining #spousalsupport, we guide you through these decisions collaboratively. By offering a holistic perspective, our aim is to help you see the whole picture before making any final choices.

We believe in providing more than just a #legal resolution. We offer a compassionate and considerate approach to divorce, one that prioritizes kindness and understanding. Choosing mediation with us means choosing a smoother, more thoughtful transition into the next chapter of your lives. Your well-being matters, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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