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The Journey Post Divorce: Do You and Your Ex Need an Annual Tune-Up?

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Divorce marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. However, the journey doesn't end with the signing of the divorce papers. Just as a car requires regular maintenance to run smoothly, so too does your post-divorce life. That's why our Annual Tune-Up package is designed to provide essential recalibration and adjustments for individuals who have gone through divorce proceedings.

Our Annual Tune-Up package is not limited to past mediation clients; it's available to anyone who has experienced divorce and seeks to reassess their financial and familial arrangements. Here's why this annual check-up is crucial:

Financial Recalculation:

As circumstances change, so too should your financial arrangements. Income levels may fluctuate, job situations might evolve, and unexpected expenses may arise. Our package includes recalculating #maintenance (alimony) and child support obligations to ensure they align with your current financial reality. By staying updated on these calculations, you can avoid financial strain and ensure fair and equitable support arrangements for both parties and any children involved.

Reviewing Extra-Curricular Expenses:

Children's extra-curricular activities often change over time, whether it's sports, music lessons, or other enriching experiences. Our Annual Tune-Up package includes a review of these expenses and provides a platform for negotiating how they will be divided between both parents. This ensures that children continue to have access to meaningful activities while also maintaining a fair distribution of costs.

Adjusting Parenting Time:

#Parenting schedules that once worked smoothly may need adjustment as children grow older or as parents' work schedules change. Our package allows for the re-arrangement of parenting time to accommodate evolving family dynamics. By ensuring that parenting time is structured in a way that best serves the children's needs and respects both parents' schedules, conflicts can be minimized, and family relationships can thrive.

Mediating New Issues:

Life after #divorce is dynamic, and new issues may arise that require mediation. Whether it's disagreements over co-parenting decisions, disputes regarding financial matters, or any other concerns, our package provides a platform for addressing and resolving these issues amicably. Mediation allows both parties to voice their concerns, explore potential solutions, and reach agreements that serve the best interests of all involved.

Ensuring Long-Term Stability:

Divorce settlements are not always built to last forever. As circumstances change, it's essential to revisit and adjust the terms of your divorce agreement to ensure long-term stability and fairness for everyone involved. Our Annual Tune-Up package helps you stay proactive in managing post-divorce arrangements, promoting peace of mind and a sense of security for the future.

Our Annual Tune-Up package offers a comprehensive approach to post-divorce maintenance, ensuring that financial and familial arrangements remain aligned with your current circumstances and evolving needs. By taking advantage of this opportunity for recalibration and adjustment, individuals can navigate life after divorce with greater confidence, stability, and harmony.


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