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The Benefits of Global Travel

By Jayne Sanders,

How does a stronger immune system sound? How about

enhanced happiness and satisfaction? Reduced stress? And I’m just

getting started!

The scientific benefits of global travel are numerous and

meaningful. Global travel can reduce risk of heart attacks, improve

creativity, lower the risk of depression, and lengthen your life! Travel

reduces prejudice, teaches you about yourself, boosts confidence,

creates memories, offers friends from all over the world, and increases

patience, problem-solving skills, and gratitude. WOW!

For these and many other reasons, travel is increasing

exponentially. My favorite way to travel is via Dream Trips

International, a travel membership club. DTI offers 4-5 star travel at

amazing value. We have over 1 million members, with a staggering

90% retention rate. Once people join, they stick. Especially people

travelling alone, as you have a built-in community of friendly, fun

travelers. But people of all walks of life are members and love it!

Dream Trips are curated, 4-5 star ‘trips-in-a-box’ in about 75

countries. I went on my first one last December, alone, and left having

new friends from 6 different countries! Dream Trips usually include

airport transfers, hotel, some meals, an on-site host, a welcome

reception and farewell event, and one or two tours/excursions that

immerse you in the local culture. My trip to Rome was my fifth trip to

Europe, and by far the best because of the Dream Trips community

and host.

Do check it out! You can enjoy your destination with new friends

you meet on-site, or do things on your own if you prefer solitude.

Here’s a link to a short video with a quick overview:

I encourage you to create experiences, memories, and better

health by traveling globally! And make a side income too if you want. I

made some commission while in Rome just by posting about my trip

on social media! I’ll be in Santorini and Athens in April, maybe I’ll see

you there!


Jayne Sanders


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