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Divorce Recovery: Creating Space for Feeling and Healing

There is so much to do post-divorce, from reimagining life without your spouse to helping your kids and family understand the changes, it is easy to feel both overwhelmed and excited about what lies ahead. For a long time, you might be stuck in the logistics of your post-divorce life, sorting through new school pickup schedules or work adjustments to accommodate the changes to your personal life. Or, you may be celebrating your new found “freedom” reconnecting with friends and going out more often. Therefore, you might not take the time you need to feel the emotions of your divorce and address your healing.

In this post by Kristin Hick, Psy.D. of Center for Shared Insight, we provide some tips and insights on how you can prioritize your healing and recognize your authentic feelings post-divorce so that you can live a more fulfilling life. Working through these emotions also prevents you from taking your unresolved pain into your next relationship.

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