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The Tax-Savvy Way to Give

Estate Planning and Legacy Gifts

Are you aware that nearly 70% of Americans do not have a will? It’s surprising how often people delay this important task, since it can be so vital to provide for your loved ones and even loved charities.

There are many misconceptions regarding estate planning that people take as fact and can keep them from taking action and putting their plans in writing. However, estate planning has become one of the easiest ways to protect the future for the people and causes you care about.

This National Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 18-24), you can benefit by putting your wishes in writing through a free online resource from Charity Navigator partners at FreeWill. FreeWill makes things simple. We understand the stress of preparing a will because it is often complicated and expensive. So, we created an easy-to-follow online tool that walks you through the steps of creating your will in less than 20 minutes. This National Estate Planning Awareness Week, join thousands of donors like you in creating a legacy.

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